Amy Poehler Started Her Jimmy Kimmel Interview Off With An Untold Story About Angelina Jolie And Billy Bob Thornton

What fans didn’t expect during Amy Poehler’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel was for the topic of conversation to be revolved around Angelina Jolie and Billie Bob Thornton to start things off.

That’s exactly what took place, and it was all due to Slash’s involvement.

In the following, we’re going to look back at the very interesting interview moment, and why the former power couple was mentioned.

We’ll also reveal what else was discussed by Poehler, and her thoughts on her latest film, Inside Out 2. The movie is set for a release in mid-June, but the hype is already very real.

Amy Poehler Started Her Jimmy Kimmel Interview Off With An Untold Story  About Angelina Jolie And Billy Bob Thornton

Amy Poehler Told Slash She Visited His Old House After Getting An Invite By Billy Bob Thornton During His Relationship With Angelina Jolie

Fans haven’t seen much of the brilliant actress Amy Poehler in the recent years. Her pit stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live was to promote her latest project, Inside Out 2. Fans were thrilled to see Poehler back in the spotlight and, as per usual, her interview did not disappoint.

Poehler would also drop a story fans didn’t know about. With Slash working with Kimmel’s band, Poehler recalls a story involving the rock legend, and it ties to Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton of all people.

Poehler tells Jimmy Kimmel, “I have a Slash story. It is not a bad one. I was working on a film with Billy Bob Thornton, and I was invited to a listening party for music that he was making. And when I arrived, he said we’re in Slash’s house right now.”

Slash confirmed the story. He said, “I sold it to Billy. It had a studio in it and everything. Him and Angelina bought it.”

Billy Bob Thornton's son opens up about having Angelina Jolie as a stepmom

Slash went on to reveal that it was one of the few homes that had a basement in Hollywood.

Poehler concludes, “What a Hollywood story. Hollywood is something else.”

The moment takes place at the start of the interview.

Fans had a blast with the interview and were speaking glowingly about Poehler. Amy also shared another entertaining story about her time with Prince, and how she blew her opportunity with the late legend. It was an entertaining interview, to say the least, and worth the watch.

Amy Poehler is back on the road after voicing Joy in Inside Out 2. Speaking alongside THR, Poehler opened up about the process of going back on the road. According to the actress, the transition has been an easy one given her love for the film.

Amy Poehler on the red carpet

“I genuinely love to talk about Inside Out 2, so I’ve been excited to hit the road. I have a wonderfully relaxed feeling about it. As I’ve gotten older, what matters to me more is the how something is made and less what happens after.”

“When you release a project to the world, it’s like having a baby and then passing it around — you’re like, “Please be nice to the baby, it took a long time to birth this baby.” But you can’t depend on people liking your material. It’s funny because with Parks & Rec, we had to fight for our lives for that show to be on the air at the time and now it’s taken on this whole other life.”

As for spending a decade away from the character, Poehler felt like the return was a healing experience.

“Doing the voice work feels like healing work to me. The content touches me so deeply as a grown woman, and it touches the young child inside of me. This second one digs into the idea that at a certain age, new emotions like anxiety show up and everything becomes complicated and you become status-driven. You start to feel almost nostalgic for the easier, more basic emotions like sadness and fear.”

The film is set to be released on June 14th. Expect a lot of Poehler in the upcoming weeks.

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