Anya Taylor-Joy Explains Why She Eloped As Fans Want To Know More About Her Mysterious Husband

Anya Taylor-Joy is no stranger to the spotlight, with her extensive portfolio of movies catapulting her to fame in recent years.

Currently the actress is doing promotional work for her starring role in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

While fans know a lot about Anya, little is known about her husband, who she eloped with in secret to the surprise of fans.

Recently, Anya opened up on the red carpet about what made her want to get hitched quickly, providing fans a rare insight into her married life and mysterious husband.

Anya Says Her Husband Is A Huge Romantic

Anya Taylor-Joy and her husband Malcolm McRae

“We’re just real romantics,” she said, referring to her husband of two years, Malcolm McCrae. “We were born on the same day. And we wanted to make sure that our first experience was something that was completely for us.”

“So we eloped in New Orleans with our two best friends and had the time of our lives. It was magical,” she continued. “But I’m lucky to say that the second experience — with all of our families — was so beyond beautiful, and I just feel very, very lucky.”

Anya Taylor-Joy Explains Why She Eloped As Fans Want To Know More About Her  Mysterious Husband

As for why she wanted to keep things private, Anya explained, “I’m an incredibly sensitive, hyper-feeling person. I did not realize that I could have more feelings, but I can.”

The Queen’s Gambit star couldn’t help but gush over her husband, sharing, “I feel so unbelievably lucky to be completely and utterly in love. I have found my person. I cannot believe that we get to do life together.”

She added, “And in talking about experiences where you get to grow, what an unbelievable thing to live your life with a mirror—and a mirror that causes you to become a better version of yourself.”

Anya Just Confessed She’s Been Married For Two Years

Anya revealed in April that she and Malcolm had wed two years prior. She made the announcement on Instagram with a collection of photos from their wedding celebrations.

“Two years ago, on April Fools, I secretly married my best friend in New Orleans. The magic of that day is ingrained in every cell of my being, forever,” she captioned the tribute. “Happy second ( first ) anniversary my love…you’re the coolest. N.B yes, those are anatomically correct heart cakes. Yes, I am the vampire Lestat.”

Malcolm made a similar post on his own account, writing, “I love you now and somehow I always have and somehow it will never end. Happy two year anniversary (yesterday), beautiful.”

McCrae is a musician and actor who hails from Harlem, New York. The couple reportedly met through mutual friends and began dating in 2020. McCrae, though not as widely recognized in the public eye as Taylor-Joy, has garnered attention for his work in the music industry and his ventures in entrepreneurship. By the sounds of it, these two are madly in love.

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