Catelynn Lowell Breaks Down While Explaining Why Nova Hasn’t Seen Her Grandma In Six Months

After the Teen Mom star accused her mom of drinking during a visit with their birth daughter Carly, she allegedly cut off contact — leaving an emotional Nova wondering if “grandma might not want us in her life.”

Last year, viewers saw as her and husband Tyler Baltierra’s visit with their birth daughter Carly, was almost de-railed after Catelyn’s mom, April, crossed a major boundary.

Lowell claimed her mom had been drinking on the trip — something Catelynn asked her not to do during their important visit with the now-teenager.

After confronting her mother about it, April allegedly ceased contact.

Catelynn Lowell Breaks Down While Explaining Why Nova Hasn't Seen Her  Grandma In Six Months

On Thursday’s new hour, Catelynn said she hadn’t spoken with her mother in six months, since the visit.

“Unfortunately, my mom broke one of my boundaries. She had a few drinks. She hasn’t really tried to reach out. I haven’t reached out to her. It’s hard and it’s difficult,” she explained in a confessional. “It’s hard to get help with the kids, but I don’t want my children to see the sort of stuff I saw as a kid either. I’m hoping there can be some change in the future, but if there isn’t, I’m okay right now.”

Speaking with Tyler about her mom going radio silent, Catelynn said it was “crazy” to her that there’s “no effort” from her mom to fix things.

“For me, it got to the point where I should not be anxious to dropping my children off with their grandma,” she said, while also concerned her kids would start to “look at me like, ‘You took me from my grandma.'”

Tyler suggested she check in with the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Nova, to make sure she understood the situation and was doing alright. Turns out, she wasn’t.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell shares first photo of rarely-seen daughter Carly,  14, in over a decade during family's reunion | The US Sun

“Remember when we went to the Carly visit? She had a beer when we were all at dinner. I had to talk to grandma and say, ‘Hey, I asked you not to drink around me or the kids,'” Catelynn explained to her daughter. “When I told her that, she got upset with me.”

“When is she gonna stop drinking? So we can actually go over there,” asked her daughter, before admitting she missed her grandmother “because I can’t be around her anymore that much.”

Nova also said April “can say mean things sometimes or she can be weird around us,” before claiming her grandmother once “fell asleep in the bath tub.” When the child was asked whether that made her “Feel safe,” she shook her head no and eventually said she wasn’t okay.

“I just miss her so much,” said Nova, before starting to cry. “I just want her back with me.”


“If they’re not gonna change, they don’t deserve to be in our life, period,” Catelynn told her daughter, hugging her close while also crying. Nova then responded by asking, “So that means grandma might not want us in her life?”

Catelynn’s reply: “I don’t really know. That would be an answer she would have to give.”

In a confessional, an emotional Catelynn said she couldn’t imagine being in a similar situation and not doing everything possible to remedy it.

“I don’t feel like I’m a bad person, I just don’t want certain things around me. So it’s just mind-boggling to me. How can you not want to be around my kids?” she wondered.

Catelynn is also going through issues with Carly’s adoptive parents — get a full breakdown of that situation here.

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