Demi Moore has shared a series of previously unseen photos of Bruce Willis in celebration of Father’s Day amid his battle with aphasia

Demi Moore has shared a series of previously unseen photos of Bruce Willis in celebration of Father’s Day amid his battle with aphasia.

The Rough Night star and other members of her family have been open with fans about Bruce’s health struggles, sharing updates along the way.

Demi Moore posted a moving tribute to Bruce Willis on social media

Demi Moore posted a moving tribute to Bruce Willis on social media.

The star honored her ex-husband on Father's Day

The star honored her ex-husband on Father’s Day.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore

On Sunday, Demi, 61, posted a carousel of snaps of Bruce, 69, through the years.

The former couple’s children, including Rumer Willis, Scout Willis, and Tallulah Willis, appeared in many of the adorable snaps.

“Happy Father’s Day to our favorite girl dad. We love you, BW!” Demi captioned the post.

The first photo in the bunch showed a young Bruce holding one of his children.

He was shirtless, wearing only swim trunks, while she was dressed in a pink outfit.

The second pic was more recent.

It showed Bruce standing alongside Rumer, 35, pointing up toward the sky.

She was cuddled close to her father, resting her head on his shoulder.

Demi shared yet a third pic of young Bruce, this time with one of his kids sitting on his lap.

He was again shirtless, wearing only shorts, while the little girl was wrapped in a towel.

The fourth photo showed a heartwarming moment between Bruce and Scout, 32.

Bruce was sitting on a couch while his daughter rested a hand on his cheek.

In a different pic, the Paradise City star posed with one of his girls inside his shirt.

Both were sticking out their tongues.

Demi Moore/Bruce Willis Family Tree

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were one of Hollywood’s biggest couples, until they weren’t. They were married and had children together, but then they split. However, the exes have still remained close to each other and even time with their current significant others. Here is the complicated family tree.

In July 1987, Bruce and Demi met at the premiere of the movie Stakeout, which starred Demi’s ex-fiancee at the time, Emilio Estevez

Bruce and Demi began dating shortly after the premiere

The couple didn’t wait long and got married in an impromptu Las Vegas ceremony in November 1987

It was Bruce’s first marriage, but Demi was married to Freddie Moore five years prior

The actors didn’t wait long to have children as they welcomed their first daughter, Rumer, in August 1988

They then had Scout in 1991 and Tallulah in 1994

About 10 years after getting married, Demi and Bruce announced they were separating in June 1998

Their divorce was finalized in 2000, but the pair remained close friends


In 2004, Demi married Ashton Kutcher in a Kabbalah ceremony in Beverly Hills. Bruce was in attendance. Demi and Ashton met at a dinner in 2003.

Bruce waited a bit longer than his ex-wife to move on. He married model, Emma Hemming in 2009. Demi and Ashton attended the wedding.

Demi and Ashton did have any children together and divorced in 2013.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Emma were thriving and welcomed their first child, Mabel Ray, in 2012

Three years later, their second daughter, Evelyn Penn was born

Bruce, Demi, and their children isolated together during the Covid-19 pandemic. Emma and their daughters were separate because Evelyn accidentally accidentally poked herself with a hypodermic needle at a park and needed medical testing

Demi dated chef Daniel Humm in 2022, but they split after a few months of dating

The family has reunited over the years to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and emotional times.

Demi was even there when Bruce was diagnosed with aphasia – a condition that causes loss of speech and can make writing and understanding language difficult – in 2022

Another photo showed the award-winning actor playing around with Tallulah.

The pair appeared to be dancing.

Then Bruce was seen cuddling one of his daughters in a throwback.

Mabel and Evelyn, the young children the Die Hard actor shares with his current wife, Emma Hemming Willis, were featured as well.

In one photo, he cuddled one of the little girls, while in another, he appeared to be enjoying a spa day.

She shared photos of the actor through the years

She shared photos of the actor through the years.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore

Bruce was pictured alongside his five daughters in the photos

Bruce was pictured alongside his five daughters in the photos.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore

Bruce is battling dementia and aphasia

Bruce is battling dementia and aphasia.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore


Bruce’s family offered an update on his health struggles in May.

The Vendetta star was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in February 2023.

He retired from acting one year earlier, after it was revealed that he was struggling with aphasia.

His daughter Rumer shared new details about her father’s health on the Today Show.

“He’s so good,” she said before reflecting on him spending time with her daughter, Louetta.

“They had some sweet moments during their last visit together, which was recently,” she recalled.

“Lou is just starting to walk a little bit, and she was walking over to him, and it was so sweet.

“He’s a girl dad, through and through. I saw him with my sisters, my little sisters. So you’re seeing that all come back again.”

Rumer went on to reveal that she and her family have received so much love after opening up about Bruce’s condition.

She also noted how important it has been for them to be open about it.

“If it can have any impact on another family that is struggling in any way with something like this, or bring more attention to the disease in hopes of finding a cure or anything that can be of service to anybody else, I think it’s really important,” she explained.

Bruce has been diagnosed with an aggressive degenerative disorder.

Doctors have said that patients with this ailment are frequently mute within two years of being diagnosed.

“Usually, once symptoms start, it’s a pretty steady progression over the next few years,” Dr Chris Winter, a neurologist, told

“Generally speaking, when they’re diagnosed, there’s a five-to-10-year prognosis, but in terms of the disability, it’s in a few years, a lot of individuals are just not communicative.”

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is the most common form of dementia in people under the age of 60.

Symptoms include personality changes, obsessive behavior, and speaking difficulties.

Aphasia is the inability to understand or formulate language due to damage to areas of the brain.

His family has been open about his health struggles

His family has been open about his health struggles.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore

His daughter Rumer recently shared an update on the star

His daughter Rumer recently shared an update on the star.
Credit: Instagram/ Demi Moore

Bruce's ex, Demi, has been by his side along with his current wife, Emma Hemming Wilis

Bruce’s ex, Demi, has been by his side along with his current wife, Emma Hemming Wilis.
Credit: Getty

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