Doja Cat’s fashion similarities to Bianca Censori’s style revealed from bed covering to wearing plastic bag dress

DOJA Cat has gotten lots of tongues wagging with her eye-popping fashion choices.

The singer is known for posing in jaw-dropping outfits and showing off her body simultaneously.



Doja Cat's sense of style often involves revealing clothes

Doja Cat’s sense of style often involves revealing clothes
Credit: Splash

The rapper is often accused of trying to copy Bianca Censori's looks

The rapper is often accused of trying to copy Bianca Censori’s looks.
Credit: The Mega Agency

Doja became famous in 2018 after releasing a music video for her song Mooo!

Since then, the 28-year-old has put out platinum-selling albums, winning a Grammy and three Video Music Awards.

She recently headlined Coachella and had people turning their heads after her appearance at the Met Gala.

However, she also had people saying they had seen her revealing act before on another controversial celeb – Bianca Censori.

As she headed to the Met Gala afterparty, Doja let her cats out of the bag in a see-through crop top and tights.

She flashed her nipples in the monogrammed nude top and wore a nude thong under the tights.


Bianca turns heads in her revealing outfits

Bianca turns heads in her revealing outfits.
Credit: Mowalola/ Instagram

If anyone knows a thing or two about going nearly nude, it’s Bianca.

Kanye West’s wife has become well-known for wearing similarly revealing outfits.

The Yeezy architectural designer wore a nude spandex bodysuit at Disneyland last month.

Days earlier, she shocked fans with a totally see-through dress during dinner with the rapper.

Now, fans are saying Doja is slowly morphing into a Bianca clone.

“Doja Cat is slowly replacing Kanye West’s wife,” one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Or she’s secretly Kanye West’s next wife,” another joked.

Doja Cat's most iconic looks

Doja Cat’s most iconic looks

“She came into the limelight and sold her soul almost immediately, always doing weird stuff,” a third wrote.


Doja was all wet at the Met Gala

Doja was all wet at the Met Gala.
Credit: Rex

Bianca put on her own wet T-shirt display

Bianca put on her own wet T-shirt display.
Credit: Instagram/Kanye West

Earlier in the night, Doja showed up to the Gala in a dripping wet white smock.

The see-through gown clung tightly to her body, leaving many to compare it to a wet plastic bag.

Even some of Doja’s musical colleagues were shocked by her look.

“The girls are wet tonight,” singer Camila Cabello remarked after noticing Doja.

Again, fans on X snarked away.

“Doja Cat took the ‘do you ever feel like a plastic bag’ lyrics too literally,” one person joked, referencing the lyric in Katy Perry’s song Firework.

“Somebody check on Doja Cat,” another begged, before speculating, “Next up, aluminum foil?”


Doja wore what looked like a bed sheet while shopping

Doja wore what looked like a bed sheet while shopping.
Credit: Instagram/dojacat

Bianca wore a full jacket that looked like a garbage bag

Bianca wore a full jacket that looked like a garbage bag.
Credit: The Mega Agency

Just before the Gala, Doja looked like she had woken up from a cat nap as she wore what amounted to a bed sheet while shopping in New York.

The singer posted a recording of herself at a jewelry counter trying on some potential new bling.

She had the large white sheet wrapped around her, which she was holding up with her arms.

At one point in the video, Doja accidentally dropped the white garment, fully revealing her butt and the black thong she had on underneath.

She appeared to be topless, however, as the outfit had her fully tattooed back exposed.


Doja has worn NSFW outfits in public

Doja has worn NSFW outfits in public.
Credit: Getty

Kanye West has been accused by fans of 'forcing' his wife to wear skin-baring outfits

Kanye West has been accused by fans of ‘forcing’ his wife to wear skin-baring outfits.
Credit: Instagram

In February, a New York stylist said Doja tends to keep her followers on their toes by showing off plenty of skin.

“Doja does not have a signature style and her naked looks are not about good fashion,” Amanda Sanders told The U.S. Sun.

“This means there is no continuity of her showcasing her thighs or her breasts. It is different each time; even her hair is different each time she appears,” she continued.

“Her outfits are about Doja’s interpretation of fashion.

“It is all orchestrated so that people carry on guessing who she is.”

Amanda added that Doja could look “a little more pulled together” and believes her stylists are merging garments that don’t necessarily belong together.

While she believes Doja has been “having fun” with her style, she said part of it is due to the “shock factor” of her recent outfits.

“She also continues with the nearly-naked shock value where her nipple is going to come out at any minute,” Amanda said.

“At the end of the day, it is a real mix where Doja is just showing off her body.”

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