Food Network fans ‘unreasonably ragey’ over ‘gross’ behavior and insist there’s ‘no reason’ for stars to act this way

Food Network has been called out over chefs placing used tasting spoons back into their cooking dishes.

Fans claim they noticed the “gross” behavior on 24 in 24, Guy’s Grocery Games, and others.

Food Network fans have called out a 'gross' behavior

Food Network fans have called out a ‘gross’ behavior.
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Eagle-eyed fans say they've been spotting chefs placing the tasting spoon back in the dish

Eagle-eyed fans say they’ve been spotting chefs placing the tasting spoon back in the dish.
Credit: Relativity Television

Food Network fans discussed their observations in an online fan forum.

“Lately, I’ve noticed chefs tasting food and then tapping the rest back in the dish or putting the spoon back in,” one follower shared.

“I see them use tasting spoons and then toss them right into the trash,” another fan countered.

“I haven’t seen anyone be gross in a while,” the same user claimed.

“It’s weird because I’ve seen this called out by the judges, where the judges then refused to try the dish because somebody double dipped the spoon or tapped it, but so many other times it’s not called out,” a third fan shared.

“It’s usually called out when the chef is a more unknown one, but when the big guns do it, suddenly they don’t say anything about it,” the same fan observed.

“Back on Food Network Star, they literally sent someone home one season for doing that on camera,” a fourth follower added.

“I’ve also noticed chefs tasting the spoon and then putting the entire spoon back in the trash,” a fifth posted and continued, “I kind of feel sorry for the judges that have to eat the dish afterward!”

“Every time I see this it makes me unreasonably rage-y,” a sixth viewer commented.

“Seeing it on TV when there is a whole staff of people who wash dishes and can keep things clean… gross,” the same fan declared.

‘He’s going home isn’t he’ say MasterChef fans as contestant burns dish TWICE


It’s not the first time Guy’s Grocery Games hosted by Guy Fieri has been called out by Food Network fans.

Back in March, the program was called out for lowering the cash prize awarded to the winning contestant.

Fans pointed out the financial decrease in an online thread.

One fan asked, “Did anybody else notice last night that Guy only offered the winner ‘somewhere between 8,000 – 17,000?'”

Guy's Grocery Games hosted by Guy Fieri was one of the shows called out

Guy’s Grocery Games hosted by Guy Fieri was one of the shows called out.
Credit: Food Network

The same user continued, “Is this the first time they’ve offered less than the full 20,000 for the possibility of the check amount?”

A second follower exclaimed, “I noticed that too!”

“He usually says $20,000 and checks have been more than $17,000 before. I thought it was odd,” the same user shared.

“Maybe too many winners were picking the check?” a third fan proposed.


Food Network fan backlash hasn’t stopped at table manners and cash prizes.

Viewers called out the program Spring Baking Championship over an editing decision during the Earth Day-themed March 19 episode.

After a contestant wins a round, they are awarded an “advantage” in the next challenge.

When one Spring Baking Championship contestant, Alex, won a dessert challenge, the editors never revealed what his advantage was going to be, leaving fans confused.

In an online thread, one fan asked, “No advantage for Alex?”

“Tonight, in the second episode of Spring Baking Championship, Alex won the pre-heat. But when it came time to do the main heat, he didn’t get an advantage. Did anyone else notice this? Perhaps I missed something?” the same viewer asked.

“If he truly didn’t get an advantage, then something is really wrong. That is just simply not fair,” the user concluded.

“It really was bizarre. Perhaps they edited it out for some reason?” a second user questioned.

“I’m thinking it got cut for time, especially if it didn’t have an impact on the main heat results,” a third user guessed.

Fans discussed when the 'gross' behavior is called out and when it's looked over

Fans discussed when the ‘gross’ behavior is called out and when it’s looked over.
Credit: Relativity Television

Viewers commented how they 'feel sorry' for the judges who then have to eat the dish

Viewers commented how they ‘feel sorry’ for the judges who then have to eat the dish.
Credit: Television Food Network

Other Food Network shows have been called out for lowering cash prizes and over editing choices

Other Food Network shows have been called out for lowering cash prizes and over editing choicesCredit: ©2016, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

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