Jimmy Fallon’s Audience Watched In Silence During The Tonight Show’s Most Impressive Interview Of The Year

It was a busy week for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, as he welcomed a wide range of guests.

Will Smith appeared for the first time in years.

In addition, neuroscientist and podcaster Andrew Huberman also appeared on the show.

Huberman received massive praise for his appearance.

Jimmy Fallon Talks Ten Years of Tonight, and Why Late Night TV Is Still  'The Greatest Thing Ever' - LateNighter

In the following, we’re going to take a look back at the interview, and why the audience’s reaction was so significant. We’ll reveal what was discussed, and why the interview is regarded as Fallon’s best.

In addition, we’ll reveal Jimmy’s other interviews of the week, and why he received so much praise for his conduct alongside the likes of Jessica Alba, and Martin Lawrence.

Fans Had Nothing But Praise For Jimmy Fallon After Having Andrew Huberman On The Tonight Show

It wasn’t your typical late night interview. The humor was limited, while the audience was fully invested in guest Andrew Huberman. Even Jimmy Fallon himself told Huberman he was binging on his podcast for the last seven months. Huberman touched on a variety of topics, which included instant ways to reduce stress while breathing.

Andrew Huberman và Jimmy Fallon

The audience took on a demonstration that Huberman explained. It featured two deep breathes, followed by an exhale out of the mouth. This instantly decreases stress. Both the audience and Fallon loved the outcome, and it would lead to a massive applause from the audience.

Huberman also discussed the importance of sunlight exposure in the morning, and how it can improve anyone’s day. Huberman also touched on the importance of sleep, and how it improves all aspects of life.

Andrew Huberman Demonstrates the Best Breathing Technique for Stress Relief  | The Tonight Show

The reception to the interview was overwhelmingly positive. Fans had a blast with the change in direction, and the fact that it wasn’t an actor in the spotlight.

  • The most liked comments on YouTube wrote:
  • “The silence of the audience’s focused attention is audible.”
  • “Out of all the celebrities that came on this show and taught us absolutely nothing, this guy comes on and helps us mentally for his first appearance. These are the people that need to be on talk shows.”
  • “Finally some one worthy coming into be interviewed from a talk show. These are the people who you should give prominence to.”

The reception was clearly nothing but positive, as fans appreciated the change in direction. Here’s to hoping more of these interview guests are featured in the future.

Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D. on X: "Tonight 11:35 EST, 10:35 CT, 8:35 PST @ jimmyfallon show @nbc Thank you for your interest in science!  https://t.co/ErYPFsZ99O" / X

Jimmy Fallon Had Had An Exceptional Week On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon’s ratings have declined in comparison to the likes of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, who are more politically motivated. Nonetheless, Fallon brings a lighter side to late night, and that has been praised in the recent week.

Take Fallon’s interview with Jessica Alba. Not once did he comment on her appearance. Instead, the focus was on her film, and life as a mom.

This was especially crucial given Alba’s feelings about being judged in Hollywood based on her looks.

“In Hollywood, you’re really preyed upon. They see a young girl, and they just want to touch you inappropriately or talk to you inappropriately or think that they’re allowed to be aggressive with you in a way. So, then I like created this pretty intense ‘don’t f— with me’ [attitude]. I had to create a harder shell about being a woman,” she said during an interview years prior.

Fallon received more praise following Martin Lawrence’s “troubled” late night appearance. The Bad Boys actor appeared alongside Will Smith. It was said that Lawrence had a stroke prior to the show. Yet again, Fallon deflected the hot topic, and put his focus on the lighter side, and memories from their careers. Lawrence also ensured fans that he was doing just fine.

“I am fine. I am in God’s hands. I am blessed. I am glad to be waking up every day and everything. No need for people to be concerned. I am healthy as hell. Stop the rumors.”

A strong week for Fallon, and The Tonight Show.

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