JoJo Siwa keeps making headlines for her over-the-top behavior, and the most recent update is a random feud she got into with That’s So Raven alum Anneliese van der Pol

JoJo Siwa keeps making headlines for her over-the-top behavior,

and the most recent update is a random feud she got into with That’s So Raven alum Anneliese van der Pol.

In a response on TikTok, van der Pol, 39, humorously addressed being teased by JoJo, 21, with the caption, “When JoJo Siwa trolls you on TikTok.”

In the video, Annelise lip-synced to a popular TikTok sound, modifying it to reflect her own experiences, saying, “I was on Disney at like 15, I feel like this is not my biggest issue.”

That's So Raven' Star Anneliese van der Pol Claps Back After JoJo Siwa  Calls Her Out on TikTok

Annelise Responded To Being Bullied Online By JoJo

The former Disney Channel star also included a screenshot of Siwa’s previous shady comment on one of her videos. Siwa had commented on a TikTok from May where van der Pol was joking about the cancellation of the That’s So Raven spinoff series, Raven’s Home, after her departure.

Siwa remarked, “Six seasons and now a spinoff … I think they’re doing just fine. Also, look at your account … your highest views come from talking about the show/Raven as well.”

That's So Raven's Anneliese van der Pol hits back at JoJo Siwa again after  dancer mocked actress | The US Sun

Responding to Siwa’s comment, van der Pol wrote, “‘Highest views’ — exactly, you’re catching on. Now put some respect on my name little girl. I walked so you could ‘dance.’”

That's So Raven's Anneliese van der Pol hits back at JoJo Siwa again after  dancer mocked actress | The US Sun

The exchange playfully underscores van der Pol’s legacy from her time on Disney Channel and the ongoing relevance of her past roles. Notably, JoJo Siwa, also a former child star, gained prominence on the reality series Dance Moms in 2015, followed by a successful career with Nickelodeon, starring in various shows and films for the network.

Why JoJo’s Recent Birthday Was Controversial

JoJo Siwa smiles while attending event

This isn’t the only controversy JoJo has gotten into recently. On her birthday last month, the singer seemed to upload a series of content to social media bragging about being drunk in Disneyland, leaving many followers unimpressed.

In one video, JoJo documented her 21st birthday festivities in a kitchen strewn with confetti. She styled her hair in twin braids and opted for a casual ensemble including a tee, shorts, a necklace, and a birthday badge, fitting for the occasion.

Opening the video with candid honesty, JoJo remarked, “It’s my 21st birthday, I’m drunk as f**k right now.” Suddenly, she swiftly dodged as objects were playfully tossed at her from off-camera, explaining, “It’s my bread I’m supposed to eat.” In a slightly disoriented moment, she managed to catch a piece of bread but revealed a visible welt under her eye to the camera.

“I got punched in the eye, it hurts really bad but I’m okay,” JoJo assured those around her before quietly admitting to her fans, “I’m not okay.” Despite trying to maintain composure, she later showcased a display of bottles behind her, proudly announcing, “Here’s my liquor spread. Happy 21st birthday to me!”

Concerns surfaced among fans in the comments, with one expressing, “This is actually crazy,” and another advising, “Happy birthday JoJo, stay safe.” Many speculated on JoJo’s well-being, pondering if she might regret the unguarded video once sober.

Now with JoJo’s latest feud and evidence of her unkind behavior, it seems fans have even more reason to be concerned.

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