Kylie Jenner faced backlash for her recent Sprinter campaign photos, accused of glamorizing poverty and missing the mark

Kylie Jenner is reportedly getting desperate to launch new business initiatives as rumors of money problems continue to swirl, but she missed the mark with her latest Sprinter campaign photos.

While the reality star may have been trying to achieve a down-to-earth look, it didn’t sit well with fans, who accused her of trying to glamorize poverty.

In a recent Instagram post, Kylie shared snapshots from her latest photo shoot.

The reality star sported a silver metallic bra beneath a sleeveless white tank bodysuit, while her dark hair was styled in jumbo curlers, adding a touch of retro glam to the shoot.

Kylie Was Accused Of Glamorizing Poverty

Kylie Jenner looking serious on a red carpet

Kneeling next to an open crate filled with Sprinter cans, Kylie crossed her legs. As a fan blew air in her direction, Kylie pressed a can against her neck, embodying a relaxed and carefree vibe. “All I need for the weekend,” she captioned the post.

Kylie introduced her new canned vodka soda in March, marking her latest venture into the beverage industry.

Kylie Jenner Source — kyliejenner: catch us if u can @drinksprinter

Kylie Jenner fans accuse star of 'cosplaying poor' as they call out her  'art direction' for new Sprinter campaign | The Sun

Kylie Jenner fans accuse star of 'cosplaying poor' as they call out her  'art direction' for new Sprinter campaign | The Sun

Despite the visuals, the star’s ad campaign faced criticism in an online thread, with some users slamming the imagery used in the promotion. “This would’ve been 10 times better by a pool with cute umbrellas. I don’t understand the art direction for her recent campaigns,” one person wrote.

“This ad could be a woman be at a park with her children instead of cosplaying poor,” another critic wrote.

Kylie’s Sprinter Brand Was Blasted At Launch

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s Sprinter brand has been off to a rough start. In her March announcement post about the launch of Sprinter, Kylie faced a wave of skepticism from her followers, who appeared less than thrilled about yet another product introduction.

“Literally not buying s**t else from you girl lol,” one fan bluntly commented. Another criticized the flavors, stating, “Boring flavors for real,” while a third questioned the safety and appeal of the product, asking, “Who would even risk buying this stuff?”

Kylie Jenner fans 'sad' over signs of 'implants' and 'editing' in Sprinter  ad and urge her to embrace 'natural beauty' | The Sun

Kylie Jenner fans accuse star of 'cosplaying poor' as they call out her  'art direction' for new Sprinter campaign | The US Sun

Beyond the general disapproval of Kylie’s new venture, fans speculated that she was directly competing with her sister Kendall Jenner by entering the beverage market. Kendall launched her own alcohol brand, 818 Tequila, in 2021, leading fans to note the sibling rivalry.

“She always copies her sisters’ ideas… first she copied KHY from Skims and now it’s Sprinter from Kendall,” one person pointed out.

In addition to Sprinter, Kylie has kept busy recently with the launch of her clothing brand Khy plus her beauty line’s first perfume, Cosmic. Earlier this year, TikToker @michelletok proposed a theory that explains the recent increase in Kylie’s business ventures and endorsement deals.

“I think that these celebrities are not as wealthy as we think they are especially Kylie Jenner, not that Kylie Jenner is struggling or anything,” Michelle said in the clip.

“Not that Kylie Jenner is struggling or anything. I don’t think she is close to being homeless, but I think that she lives well beyond her means and that is why she has a new business venture every two to five days,” the social media star went on. “She needs money to upkeep her lifestyle.”

For now, Kylie hasn’t responded to claims that she’s struggling to afford her lifestyle.

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