Lily Allen has revealed her secret years-long feud with a top British singer: ‘It was mean of him!’

Lily Allen has revealed her secret years-long feud with a top British singer – yet all is not what it seems.

The Smile hitmaker, 39, and mum-of-two is no stranger to a celebrity spat, previously locking horns with fellow popstar Cheryl.

Lily Allen has revealed her secret celebrity feud with a hit popstar

Lily Allen has revealed her secret celebrity feud with a hit popstar.
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The Smile hitmaker held a lasting grudge against Elton John

The Smile hitmaker held a lasting grudge against Elton John.
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It came after she believed the Rocket Man hitmaker had not replied to a letter she sent

It came after she believed the Rocket Man hitmaker had not replied to a letter she sent.
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Yet the mum of two then realised she hadn't sent the letter at all

Yet the mum of two then realised she hadn’t sent the letter at all.
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Lily has now candidly told how Rocket Man hitmaker Elton John, 77, was the subject of her gripes for many years, before a twist in the tale set things straight.

On her Miss Me? podcast, she told co-host and BFF Miquita Oliver of a candid letter she sent to the popstar, who had given up booze.

Lily said: “Over the next few years as my life began to spiral out of control, I held much resentment for the fact that I’d made myself very vulnerable in this letter and told him all about my sobriety.

“He’s a sober person so I thought he would have responded to this letter. I was quite cross with him for a few years.

“I thought it was mean of him.”

Yet her anger was proven to have been misplaced.

Lily, who is married to Stranger Things actor David Harbour, then told how she never sent the letter at all.

She said: “Then, when I moved here to America, I was unpacking and I found the letter.

“I hadn’t sent it.

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“I’d been harbouring all of this Elton resentment.”

Cheryl clash

Lily recently addressed her longstanding bad blood with Fight For This Love singer Cheryl.

Oh My God singer Lily was 21 when the pair first clashed in 2006 and her new book details how she was jealous of Cheryl and her Girls Aloud pals.

She writes: “I was frustrated. I was struggling with my own issues around sexuality. I’d never even had an orgasm.

“And then here were these gorgeous girls — my peers, colleagues so to speak, and co-workers — taking their clothes off with wild abandon and being loved and rewarded for it. I couldn’t take it.

“Sorry Cheryl. I was angry because I hadn’t come yet. It was ridiculous. I bitched at Cheryl because she insulted me after I provoked her.

“You can see how it can go, this playground game.

Secret fling

Her autobiography also told of her secret fling with another arch-enemy, this being Mike Skinner of The Streets.

It came after she once cruelly claimed he had a two-inch penis.

Their feud kicked off in 2008 and continued well into 2009 and they are understood to have had a one-night stand when they were both single.

At the time, a source said: “Back in the day, Lily and Mike absolutely hated one another — it was one of the most legendary showbiz feuds of the Noughties.”

Lily Allen’s showbiz feuds

LILY Allen is no stranger to a showbiz scandal. Here we look at a few.

  • Cheryl: The pair’s spat began in 2006, yet Lily clarified it stemmed from her jealousy of the singer and her Girls Aloud bandmates
  • Piers Morgan: Their feud was longstanding but Lily made a catty remark about him on GMB in 2018
  • Mike Skinner: Lily made hugely derogatory remarks about the musician – despite having a one-night stand with him
  • Fearne Cotton: A social media spat was sparked when she claimed Lily ignored her
  • Courtney Love: The Smile hitmaker unceremoniously branded her a ‘drug-addled lunatic’ during a back-and-forth row
  • Katie Hopkins: The controversial TV star has also faced the wrath of Lily

Previously. Brit winner Lily will told all about a booze-filled tryst with Liam Gallagher.

In 2018, her gripes towards broadcaster Piers Morgan were aired during an interview on Good Morning Britain, a show he used to present.

It came after Piers refused to interview her on the ITV weekday series.

Lily was quizzed about Brexit – before the proposal came into force – and said: “I think, unless you are a well versed economist, you are not really going to understand the intricacies of trade deals.”

The star then put on a squeaky voice and added: “Unless of course you are Piers Morgan, in which case, you know everything!”

It was a particularly bad year for the star, who was then forced to apologise for spreading misinformation about the Tories on social media site X.

Star spats

Former DJ Fearne Cotton previously claimed Lily had blocked her “five times in a row” to which she retorted with a blunt post on social media.

Lily ranted: “I did not blank you. That is simply not true. I didn’t see you or your husband.

“Why couldn’t you just come over a say hi yourself?”

She has also hinted at huge spats with Courtney Love, who Lily branded a “drug-addled lunatic.”

Katie Hopkins has also been in the firing line, too.

Fearne Cotton has also come under the firing line from Lily

Fearne Cotton has also come under the firing line from Lily.
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Piers Morgan and Lily had a very public feud

Piers Morgan and Lily had a very public feud.
Credit: PA

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