Prince Harry banned from staying at Windsor Castle in upcoming visitt to the UK

Prince Harry will soon be returning to the United Kingdom, and the preparations have seemingly stirred a lot of feelings for him and the rest of the royal family.

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the details of his visit, including people wondering if he will be reuniting with his estranged family, and whether Meghan Markle will be joining him on the trip.

Sadly, it seems he will be going solo, and he won’t be received by any members of the royal family.

In fact, he won’t even be allowed to stay at Windsor Castle, where he hoped to visit Queen Elizabeth’s grave, and will be forced to stay at a hotel.

Royally Rejected: Prince Harry to Shack Up in Hotel After Stay at Windsor  Castle Denied for Duke's Impending Trip : r/SaintMeghanMarkle

Prince Harry Will Be Forced To Stay At A Hotel During His Visit To The UK

Prince Harry looking spooked
Prince Harry is apparently not a welcome guest of the royal family. It was known that tensions were high, but it seems he won’t even be allowed to stay on Crown property during his visit to the United Kingdom, and instead will be forced to stay in a hotel.

This is not the first time the Duke of Sussex has been denied the chance to stay at Windsor Castle. Last year, it was established that he would have to put in a formal request with considerable notice in order to be allowed to stay at Windsor Castle if he chose to visit the United Kingdom.

It seems Prince Harry neglected to do this for his upcoming visit, which is only a few days away, and will now have to find his own accommodation, as the royal family rejected his request. The Prince stated he wanted to stay at Windsor Castle to visit St George’s Chapel, where the Queen’s grave is.

While this restriction seems very pointed considering the recent history between the younger Prince and the rest of the royal family, reports claim that this is simply an official requirement which has applied to him ever since he decided to step down as a senior royal back in 2020.

Experts Claim His Trip Will Be Very Lonely For Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

This is bound to be a very difficult trip for the Prince. On May 8th, he’s due to arrive in the United Kingdom to attend a ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, which he founded. There is a lot of expectation around his return to his home country, especially considering his father, King Charles, and his sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales, are both suffering from cancer.

The recent devastating news that the King’s funeral plans are being updated has shocked people, as it seems his health is rapidly declining, but even so, it doesn’t seem the King is interested in seeing his estranged son during his visit, with sources claiming he’s “too busy” to see him.

It has also been revealed that Meghan Markle will not be joining Prince Harry on his visit and will instead stay back in the US with their children.

Royal Editor Charlotte Griffiths recently explained that the Prince will be very “lonely” during his trip, as he won’t be received by his family or accompanied by his wife.

“Meghan is leaving him there alone, and I just think he’s going to cast a really lonely portrait of a man without his friends around him, without his family, and without senior members of the Royal Family. And no wife there with him as well,” the expert explained.

It seems Prince Harry’s return to his home country will be bittersweet indeed.

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