Queen Camilla shows off ‘human side’ as she’s brought to tears during D-Day anniverary

Queen Camilla has been the shining star of the Royal Family in recent months.

When King Charles started his cancer treatment, his wife was tasked with bearing the burden of responsibility, filling in for him at important events and even giving speeches, which she reportedly didn’t enjoy.

Thankfully, Charles has returned – at least in part – to royal engagements in recent months.

This coming summer includes many special events, including this week’s Trooping the Colour, but which engagements the King will attend has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, Camilla continues to work hard to ensure that the monarchy remains fully functional, and in doing so has drawn praise.

Why Did Queen Camilla Wear Pink to Emotional D-Day Anniversary Event?

Being a member of the Royal Family inevitably means keeping a facade and not expressing too many “extreme” emotions while out on duty. Yet Queen Camilla and her husband failed to adhere to that specific rule during the 80th anniversary of D-Day, where she was seen with tears in her eyes because of one very special happening.

It’s safe to assume Queen Camilla hasn’t had many moments of peace and quiet so this year. For her and Charles, 2024 was supposed to be the first full year as king and queen, but it only took weeks before everything changed.

Queen Camilla praised for royal work during King Charles’ absence

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate. The monarch thereafter postponed all of his engagements as he began treatment. At the same time, Kate Middleton underwent her abdominal surgery, and was subsequently also diagnosed with cancer. As a result, there weren’t that many senior working royals left to assume daily duties.

Queen Camilla Looks Overcome with Emotion at D-Day Event with King Charles

In that regard, Queen Camilla stepped up massively. With her husband waylaid by his treatment, she accepted massive responsibility, becoming the temporary lynchpin of the Royal Family in the process.

Remember, it’s taken her many years to be accepted by the public, though she’s now being praised for the way she has handled the very challenging situation regarding Charles’ cancer, as well as all that comes with it.

Some months ago, royal expert Angela Levin claimed that Camilla is the one “holding the royal family” together.

“I mean, to wait till you’re 73 is a long time before you can take the crown. I think obviously, at his age, it’s very difficult, but he’s very determined, and he’s only really just started to be king,” Levin said while appearing on GB News.

“Supporting him very much, absolutely by his side, is Queen Camilla, who is going to all the engagements that they would have gone to together on her own.”

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

“And so that way he will feel it’s still moving, it’s still running, and they can discuss it and talk about it. And I think that’s marvelous. I mean, she is holding the Royal Family up and being strong. If you imagine 30 years ago, people were saying the whole Royal Family would absolutely disintegrate, and she would be of no use.”

“One of the best things to happen to the royal family”

Levin added that Camilla has revealed she doesn’t like the spotlight. However, she’s become very “accessible” and makes people laugh when meeting members of the public.

“To support her husband. She understands him very well because they’ve been together for over 50 years, before they even got married. it’s a long time and they make each other laugh,” Levin added.

In recent months, Levin hasn’t been the only royal expert to praise Queen Camilla. After Camilla appeared solo at the Easter service at Worcester Cathedral – usually a big event for the royals, and certainly for the monarch – royal expert and former correspondent Charles Rae praised the queen for supporting Charles and Kate Middleton during this troublesome time, labeling her a “remarkable asset.”

Rae explained that Queen Camilla has “proven herself” in recent years, not least because of how she was treated in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

He added that Camilla is “one of the best things to happen to the Royal Family” in a “good number of years.”

“There’s no question about it, she stepped into the breach. She’s got everything on her shoulders with what’s going on, and she’s taking on even more work,” Rae told GB News.

“Everywhere she goes, she has got a cheery smile on and a happy face. She says the right things. She has proved to be a remarkable asset to the Royal Family, given the allegations that at one time she had bread rolls thrown at her in a supermarket car park.”

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Rae concluded: “I remember her when she was the most hated woman in Britain. I’ve met her several times and she’s charming, she’s witty, she’s really nice to chat to, and certainly when she’s chatting to people, she has done her homework as to who she’s chatting to.”

Queen Camilla in tears during D-Day anniversary event

The Royal Family always try to appear happy and content while out on royal duties, taking time to greet members of the public in the nicest way possible. However, not all outings are a happy kind of engagement, and even the royal can sometimes fall prey to strong emotions. That happened just days ago, when Queen Camilla let her guard down and shed tears.

On Wednesday, Camilla joined her husband and Prince William at the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Portsmouth. Several WWII veterans were invited, and when Navy veteran Eric Bateman, who served in HMS Erebus off Utah Beach, recalled his experience during the D-Day landings, Camilla was left in tears.

Bateman, who was joined on stage by his two great-granddaughters, described how there were “ships as far as you could see,” adding that he “could almost walk across the channel.”

“I’m lucky to be here 80 years later with two of my great-grandchildren,” Bateman said. “So many men and women, including my dear friend Fred, joined up with me but unfortunately never made it. I’m proud to be here today to all of them and to make sure they will always be remembered.”

Bateman’s great-granddaughters spoke after Eric, saying: “Without them, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy today. We will never forget. Thank you.”

Dylan Martinez – Pool/Getty Images

During Eric Bateman’s speech, both Charles and Camilla were visibly emotional, and the queen was pictured visibly in tears.

Why Queen Camilla wore pink at remembrance service

King Charles also gave a speech during the event.

“The stories of courage, resilience and solidarity which we have heard today, and throughout our lives, cannot fail to move us, to inspire us, and to remind us of what we owe to that great wartime generation – now, tragically, dwindling to so few,” he said.

“It is our privilege to hear their testimony, but our role is not purely passive: it is our duty to ensure that we, and future generations, do not forget their service and their sacrifice in replacing tyranny with freedom.”

It’s not unusual to see Camilla donning beautiful outfits (after all, she is the Queen). However, for the D-Day anniversary, she sparked speculation over her decision not to wear black clothing, usually the outfit worn by the royals for remembrance services.

Instead, the Queen wore a pale pink coat dress alongside a stylish hat. But why? Well, some suggest that it has to do with the late Queen Elizabeth, as she usually liked wearing a color that made her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A day after the D-Day anniversary in Portsmouth, Charles and Camilla traveled to France and attended a commemorative event at the British Normandy Memorial. French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, also participated.

Andrew Matthews – Pool/Getty Images

However, the media attention focused on a moment when the spouse of the President of France broke traditional royal protocol, not D-Day per se.

Members of the public criticized the queen for rejecting Brigette Macron’s gesture

As Brigitte Macron and Queen Camilla placed ceremonial wreaths at the British Normandy Memorial, Brigitte reached for Camilla’s hand. Interestingly, it appeared that Camilla moved away from Macron, apparently not wanting to hold hands.

Camilla’s action divided royal fans.

“Move into the 21st century for god’s sake!” one user posted on X.

“The first lady of France is not bound by British royal protocol, just as Americans aren’t,” a second person stated. “She reached for Camilla’s hand at a meaningful ceremonial moment.”

A third person posted, “Camilla should have held her hand warmly, and taken the opportunity to bring the Royal family into the 21st century,” while a fourth noted, “Brigitte Macron was reaching out as the wife of the French Head of State, in a gesture of solidarity between France and Britain.”

So what does the royal protocol really say? The Royal Family’s website states that if observing more traditional forms of behavior when meeting a member of the monarchy, men should “neck bow from the head only,” while women should “do a small courtesy.”

Chris Jackson /Getty Images

“Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way,” it states.

Roya experts disagree on Queen Camilla ‘upholding’ royal protocol

Royal experts did not have similar views of Camilla’s “snub” of Brigette Macron’s hand. On GB News, political commentator Emma Woolf said that the queen’s move was “unworthy” and demanded that the royal protocol should be more flexible.

“I like Camilla, but I thought this was unworthy of her,” she told royal expert and host Mark Dolan. “It costs nothing to return a little hand squeeze. She has only been Queen for a year or so.

Woolf added: “There is nothing wrong with taking someone’s hand. If you take a look at the Princess of Wales or even Meghan Markle out and about, they are hugging, they are interacting with the public. I think this royal protocol nonsense is rubbish. Brigitte Macron is not a ‘commoner’. She is the wife of the French President. I thought it was really unnecessary.”

Mark Dolan disagreed, saying that Woolf is “up in a gum tree” by defending the queen’s actions. Instead, the royal expert said that Camilla’s decision not to take Brigette’s hand was about upholding royal protocols – and that the late Queen Elizabeth II would have done the same.

“There is one person who will be looking down on what she did there with such joy and pride,” Dolan said on GB News. “And that is Queen Elizabeth II. If the late Queen was there, she would have said, ‘well done, Camilla’.”

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