Sharon Osbourne Concerns Fans While Giving Update On Ozzy’s Health

Fans are not only disappointed Ozzy Osbourne had to cancel a gig due to poor health, but they’re also worried, given his wife Sharon’s recent decision to forgo her work responsibilities to stay close to her husbnd.

Taking to social media, Sharon issued an apology to her fans, announcing the cancellation of her appearance at an upcoming festival. She reassured ticket holders that they would receive refunds.

Sorry to let you down' says Sharon Osbourne as she issues worrying health  update on Ozzy and cancels festival job | The Irish Sun

Ozzy’s Health Issues Prevent Him From Flying

The Osbourne family had been slated to attend the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix, Arizona, a convention celebrating horror and sci-fi, where a meet-and-greet package with the Osbournes was being sold for $666.

Although Ozzy and Sharon’s son Jack, will still be present at the event, Ozzy has been advised against flying due to health concerns. Consequently, Sharon and their daughter Kelly have also decided to withdraw from the event.

Sharon Osbourne Gives Health Update On Ozzy - 102.3 The Rose

The rest of Ozzy’s family was initially supposed to attend the event, even when the patriarch initially had to pull out when given the no-go to fly. But now that they’ve pulled out of the event, some fans worry Ozzy’s health problems are more serious than they’re letting on, explaining why his loved ones want to remain close.

“Regretfully, the Osbourne family have to cancel our upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix because Ozzy is unable to travel at this time,” Sharon said in a statement shared on X (formerly Twitter).

Sharon Osbourne issues apology for cancelling appearance at event

“However, Jack will be there flying the flag for the Osbournes. Everybody who bought the Osbourne package will of course get full refunds,” she continued. “We would like to thank you all for your constant support with Ozzy. It means so much to him, you have no idea.”

“All I can do is apologise that we won’t be there and I’m apologising to the people we’ve let down from my heart,” Sharon concluded.

Ozzy Revealed He Has Parkinson’s Disease

ozzy osbourne

Ozzy has been open about his health issues. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2019, and revealed his condition to the public the following year. Despite this, he’s continued making appearances with his band, Kiss, plus other promotional opportunities with his family, who rose to fame as a unit on their past reality show.

Last year, Ozzy shockingly said he only thinks he has 10 good years left, after having undergone multiple surgeries for Parkinson’s and being forced to retire from touring.

“Why am I the last man standing? I don’t understand any of it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and go, ‘Why the fuck did you make it?!'” the rockstar has said. “I’m not boasting about any of it because I should have been dead a thousand times. I’ve had my stomach pumped God knows how many times.”

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement and coordination. It’s characterized by symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and difficulty with balance and walking. Over time, it can lead to more severe issues like impaired speech and motor skills.

It’s unclear if Ozzy’s Parkinson’s is the reason he’s unable to travel to the upcoming convention.

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