Simon Cowell Needed To Pause His Recent Interview After A Personal Question Left Him In Tears

Love him or hate him, Simon Cowell played a crucial role in changing reality TV forever.

His work on American Idol will forever be remembered, and his talent for reality TV continues to this day with AGT, and BGT.

Yes, Simon had a lot of success.

However, he also dealt with failure and hardships along the way.

During his recent interview on The Diary Of A CEO podcast, Cowell opened up, discussing sensitive topics from his past.

Particular moments showed Simon unable to give an answer, and completely emotional.

Simon Cowell Needed To Pause His Recent Interview After A Personal Question  Left Him In Tears

We’ll take a look back at what took place, and how Simon reacted to the death of his parents. We’ll also reveal what the fans had to say after watching the emotional interview back.

Simon Cowell Struggled When Discussing The Passing Of His Dad

It was a loaded conversation posted hours ago between Steven Bartlett and Simon Cowell on The Diary Of A CEO podcast. This was arguably Cowell’s best interview yet, as fans got to see his emotional side, and trauma faced throughout his career. Simon discusses the highs, and some of the terrible lows, which included having to move back in with parents, and being left with nothing after his initial record label went broke.

Simon discussed other tragedies in his life. One in particular was difficult to talk about. That was the death of his mom and dad. The passing of his father in particular came at a point at which he was finally establishing himself. Sadly, Simon’s dad never got to see him on television.

Cowell was clearly emotional giving out the details of his dad’s death.

Simon Cowell Needed To Pause His Recent Interview After A Personal Question  Left Him In Tears

He tells Bartlett, “I could just tell something wasn’t right. I think someone said to my mom, ‘Don’t tell Simon while he’s there.’ I genuinely believed at that point in my life that my parents were going to live forever. It was bad. It was tough.” At that point, Simon needed an extra second.

Simon went on to state that in time, the blow did get better.

Cowell believes that both his parents are still around. Simon had to take another pause when discussing his mom’s dementia. Certainly difficult topics to discuss.

  • The interview reveal took a lot of courage from Simon. It turns out, fans loved every bit of it, and had strong support for his words:
  • “I lost my dad in February, mom in 2009. I’m 51 and it’s like losing home an anchor in our lives that’s been there forever. Simon’s pain is palpable still, circle of life is cruel…the joy of my children and the rest of my life gives me happiness and appreciation.”
  • “It’s nice to listen to the honest more human side of Simon, other than his tv show persona that he’s usually only known for.”
  • “I lost my father last November. He was a sergeant in the Marine Corp who served on the front lines of Korea. He was a great father and a pillar of the community and an example I cannot live up to. HE IS STILL HERE WITH ME. I completely agree with you Simon!!!”

Simon Cowell Also Struggled With The Death Of His Mom, But Was Saved By His Son

Cowell went on to reveal that he also downplayed the impact of his mom’s death. According to Cowell, he became lost in his work, living a lifestyle that really wasn’t the norm. Looking back, Simon feels as though he was filling a void with this type of schedule.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
  • “I think particularly when I lost my mum, I was on a downward spiral at that point. I lost everyone, you know, I’ve lost my parents. It’s finality now. What I said about the material things I’ve got, everything just meant nothing at that point.”
  • He continued, “I was desperately unhappy, I wasn’t particularly enjoying my work and I just thought you know what I’m just going to become a vampire then, and I would work through until 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. I would wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and I actually got addicted to that kind of lifestyle. I just loved the intensity. It was almost like because of the loss I’d had, I’ve got to find something else to fill it. And it was I’m just going to be a ridiculous workaholic, and I was very successful but I wasn’t happy, I really, really wasn’t happy.”

Cowell admits that the birth of his son Eric saved him, as suddenly, his life had purpose. Cowell was spiraling prior with bad health choices as well. Eric saved his life in more ways than one.

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