Susan Lucci Reveals Strangely Romantic Reason For Saying No To The Golden Bachelorette

Iconic soap star Susan Lucci turned down a gig on The Golden Bachelorette, and her reason for saying “no” to the show is unique … and very sweet.

Lucci – who is now 77, and absolutely stunning – is beloved by generations of daytime television fans for her portrayal of Erica Kane on All My Children, a role she performed for an impressive four decades.

As for The Golden Bachelorette, which follows The Golden Bachelor’s success, it was officially ordered in February, and it’s slated to air on ABC and Hulu in the fall.

First Golden Bachelorette 'has finally been hired,' casting agent reveals  as fans pray secret lead is Susan Lucci | The US Sun

On May 15th, Hulu noted that The Golden Bachelor’s Joan Vassos was “crowned the first leading lady” of the spin-off after her time on The Golden Bachelor was cut short (to the dismay of fans):

“Golden Bachelor fan-favorite contestant, Joan Vassos, has officially been crowned the first leading lady of The Golden Bachelorette — a Golden Bachelor spinoff series slated to air on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST this fall according to ABC.

“Despite being adored by much of Bachelor Nation during Gerry Turner’s pioneer Golden season, our time with Joan was cut short when she unexpectedly left the show due to a medical concern with her daughter.”

Why Susan Lucci Declined To Be The First ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Susan Lucci Husband-1

Susan Lucci’s decision not to star in the very first Golden Bachelorette could be summarized in two words: Helmut Huber.

Susan first claimed that she was in the running for The Golden Bachelorette in late May, and she even admitted to being a massive fan of The Golden Bachelor, tuning in after her assistant recommended it:

“I watched it. The first time I watched it was that night a couple seasons ago. I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

In its coverage, Deadline added that they were unable to confirm Lucci’s claim. Back then, she briefly mentioned the fact she was initially considered for the show, but she was vague with respect to why she didn’t avail herself of the opportunity:

“I didn’t pursue [the role] when they called my publicist to see if I would be interested … It wasn’t for me, but I do love watching. I’m a fan.”

In a July 8 Entertainment Tonight article, Susan spoke a bit more about the show, why it “wasn’t for her,” and explained the very sweet and romantic reason she passed on The Golden Bachelorette.

Susan Is Still In Madly Love With Helmut Huber, Her Late Husband

Susan Lucci Helmut Huber-1

Susan Lucci married Helmut Huber in 1969, a year before she debuted as Erica Kane on All My Children.

Susan (like Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner) is widowed — her beloved husband Helmut died in 2022 after 52 years of marital bliss, and her representatives issued the following statement:

“Helmut [Huber]’s passing is a tremendous loss for all who knew and loved him. He was an extraordinary husband, father, grandfather, and friend. The family kindly asks for privacy during this incredibly difficult time.”

Susan discussed a bevy of topics in her ET interview, and when it came to her previous statements about The Golden Bachelorette, the outlet asked “whether or not she is open to finding love again” after Helmut’s death.

Lucci admitted that her love for Helmut was the real reason she was disinterested in the project:

“For the All My Children star — who was married to Huber from 1969 until his death — it would be extremely difficult to put herself back out there after already finding the love of her life at just 23 years old.

“‘I know everybody’s different, I can’t imagine it, you know?’ Lucci — who previously shared that the casting producers of The Golden Bachelorette reached out to her about starring in the reality show — said of dating again.

“‘Never say never, but I just can’t imagine [it].'”

Although Susan was not ambiguous on the matter of her feelings about a “new love,” ET hedged a bit, reporting that dating is “not the path forward for her — at least not at this time,” exemplifying the constant pressure placed on widows and widowers to “get back out there.”

But her words suggested that Huber was her one and only, and Susan expressed gratitude for half a century married to the “love of her life”:

“It is different for everyone and, you know, part of [being widowed] is a choice to get up off the floor and put one foot in front of the other. I mean, it is better to go ahead with your life.

“The other thing is that I know that this life is a gift, it’s meant to be a gift from God and I’m never gonna thumb my nose at that — I’m grateful. And I’m very grateful to have the love and have [had] Helmut in my life.”

Susan Isn’t Alone In Her Devotion To Helmut

Although Susan Lucci’s enduring love for her late husband Helmut Huber may seem unusual, she’s not the only famous widow to recently admit or reiterate her devotion to a late spouse — or to get constantly nagged in interviews about why she’s not dating.

In June, singer Céline Dion said that her late husband René Angélil (who died in 2016) accompanies her to medical treatments, and she added: “I’m still married [to René]!”

The same month, supermodel Iman made nearly identical statements about her late husband David Bowie, who also died in 2016 — describing Bowie as “ever present,” and explaining:

“I’ve always been asked several times, you know, when people say, ‘Oh, your late husband’ and I always correct them. He is my husband. Not my late husband. He’s ever present with me.

“It’s because he has left an impact in my life. He was the perfect person for me, and I’m happy that I was able to experience that in my lifetime.

“And I wish for everybody to have that one time in their life.”

On May 31st, Us Magazine published a piece about another celebrity’s decision not to date after the loss of a spouse — Terri Irwin, the wife of beloved wildlife expert Steve Irwin, who died suddenly in 2006.

Terri was widowed young, and she hasn’t changed her mind about “new love” in the 18 years since Steve’s tragic death. Interestingly, that article also framed her decision through the lens of The Golden Bachelor, and it began:

“Terri Irwin knows no one else can compare to her soulmate: her late husband, Steve Irwin.

“‘I totally got my happily ever after … And while there are a lot of wonderful men in the world, can you see another Steve Irwin? I just can’t.

“‘I’d be like, ‘I love that you’re a librarian and the dude decimal system is cool, but I got to go jump a crocodile and do that.’ Forget that.

“While Terri isn’t interested in stepping into the dating pool again, she does enjoy watching others in their golden years finding a second chance at love especially with shows like The Golden Bachelor …”

Notably, all four women – Céline, Susan, Terri, and Iman – touched on many of the same sentiments in separate interviews: that they were more grateful than bereaved after the initial shock of being widowed faded, that they sincerely wished everyone had a chance to experience that kind of love, and for Iman and Céline, that they felt their partner’s presence constantly.

Perhaps instead of The Golden Bachelor, Susan Lucci should join Terri, Iman, and Céline for a reality TV version of the Golden Girls.

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