Taylor Swift’s trainer reveals must-have items that prepped singer for Eras tour

TAYLOR Swift’s personal trainer has revealed the key items he uses to prep her for her Eras tour.

Kirk Meyers shared some of his tricks for keeping Taylor, 34, in top condition to go onstage, including a $149 massager and a $300 vest.

Taylor Swift's trainer has shared his tips for getting the singer tour-ready

Taylor Swift’s trainer has shared his tips for getting the singer tour-ready.
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His top gadgets include a $300 vest and $150 massager

His top gadgets include a $300 vest and $150 massager.
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Kirk Meyers has worked with Taylor since 2015

Kirk Meyers has worked with Taylor since 2015.

Kirk, who founded the Dogpound gyms in Los Angeles and New York City, has worked with the singer since 2015.

He told Page Six he uses a Therabody Theragun Relief massager to help ease Taylor’s muscles after a workout.

“We use these at the gym and I think it’s one of the best tools for recovery. I use it on all our clients and on myself!” he said.

The trainer also recommended wearing the $300 Omorpho G-Vest while exercising.

“I love Omorpho’s G-Vest because it boosts the workout without getting in the way of your natural movement,” he explained.

“It truly helps you get more from your workouts like a true athlete.”

Kirk also lauded the $45 Mutha “tightening and smoothing” body butter as well as the $29.96 They Are Wearables energy patches.

The patches are intended to be worn for six to 12 hours and contain green tea, yerba mate, black maca, and ginseng that are absorbed through the skin.

“I am always on the go, traveling from coast to coast or abroad with clients, so I look for some more natural ways to boost my energy and I am really into these right now,” Kirk said.

And to add some sparkle to her workouts, the fitness expert recommended wearing Kellery CyberVanguard’s Gold Flow ear clips, which are earrings that clip onto the ear for a tight grip.

They retail for $199.

Taylor Swift dishes out $20k on paella, $2.5k on cheese & $1000s more on wine in $300k catering treat for Eras Tour team

Kirk – who has worked with stars like Adriana Lima, Kaia Gerber, Tom Holland, Jacob Elordi, and Eva Longoria – previously told Vogue he treated Taylor like a “professional athlete” while training her for the Eras tour.

This included two-hour gym sessions up to six times a week when she wasn’t touring and training two times a week while she was on tour.

Taylor’s Eras tour kicked off in March 2023, in the US and will end on December 8, 2024, in Canada.

The 161-show world tour includes a mammoth 100-day, 51-gig stretch in Europe.

Her setlist includes songs from her 10th album Midnights as well as tracks from her newest album, The Tortured Poets Department.


The Grammy winner has spared no expense for her sell-out shows.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed this week that Taylor has dished out $300,000 in catering.

This includes $20,000 on paella, $2,500 on cheese, and thousands more on wine for her 300-strong team.

“Taylor is a woman who has very good taste. She loves to eat nice food and drinks. Her list of food and beverage is superb though, with many top, five-star choices,” an insider said.

She ordered $5,500 worth of Portuguese barbecue – known as frango de churrasco – for her two-night stop in Lisbon.

The U.S. Sun also spoke to two behind-the-scenes consultants who said she spent $4.3 million on hair, makeup, costumes, and wages for her “army” of backup dancers.

Taylor uses the TheraGun Relief percussion massage gun to soothe her muscles after a workout

Taylor uses the TheraGun Relief percussion massage gun to soothe her muscles after a workout.
Credit: Amazon

Kirk said she wears the $300 Omorpho G-Vest while exercising

Kirk said she wears the $300 Omorpho G-Vest while exercising.
Credit: Omorpho

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