Zachary Quinto banned from restaurant as staff accuses him of making host ‘cry’ and ‘yelling’ like an ‘entitled child’

ZACHARY Quinto has been slammed for his poor behavior at a restaurant, which caused him to get banned from stepping foot inside the eatery ever again.

The employees at a Toronto, Ontario, Canada, restaurant were reportedly left in tears after a recent visit from the actor.

Zachary Quinto was slammed by a Toronto restaurant for allegedly 'yelling at the staff'

Zachary Quinto was slammed by a Toronto restaurant for allegedly ‘yelling at the staff’.
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The actor attempted to dine at the eatery over the weekend, but ended up getting banned due to his alleged behavior

The actor attempted to dine at the eatery over the weekend, but ended up getting banned due to his alleged behavior.
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The restaurant, Manita, explained Zachary's behavior in an Instagram post

The restaurant, Manita, explained Zachary’s behavior in an Instagram postCredit: Instagram/manitaossington

Manita, the establishment where Zachary, 47, supposedly attempted to dine over the weekend, slammed the Star Trek star on Instagram for his treatment of the staff.

In the post, the business claimed the Pennsylvania native yelled at staff, making them cry, and they made it clear Zachary was not welcomed back.

“Zachary Quinto – an amazing Spock, but a terrible customer,” the restaurant wrote, referencing the movie star’s character in the Star Trek franchise.

“[He] yelled at our staff like an entitled child after he didn’t reply to two texts to inform him his table was ready and refused to believe the empty tables in the dining room weren’t available for him despite being politely informed they were spoken for,” they explained.

“Made our hosts cry and the rest of our diners uncomfortable.

“Mr. Quinto, take your bad vibes somewhere else, we have many lovely celebrities join us at Manita but you are NOT one of them,” the post concluded.


Zachary, so far, hasn’t responded to the accusations, and it appears he ended up dining somewhere else based on pictures he shared on his Stories.

The Heroes alum appeared to be celebrating his birthday, which took place on Saturday, with friends.

One snap, taken at a different eatery, showed him looking grateful before blowing out a birthday candle in a dessert.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Zachary’s reps for a comment but has not heard back.

Spock’s fight with Sherlock

Manita is a popular spot for many Hollywood stars and is advertised as a “Mediterranean-ish bistro,” according to their Instagram bio.

They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week, serving meals such as chicken brochettes and roasted mushrooms and burrata.

Zachary is most known for starring in the Star Trek films.

In August 2022, he found a shocking connection to his character and ancestry during an appearance on NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Zachary Quinto’s Career Highlights

Zachary Quinto is best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek films. Here’s a look at the actor’s work in the famed franchise and other notable roles.

  • During his early days in Hollywood, Zachary made guest appearances on a variety of shows, including, CSI, Touched by an Angel, Charmed, Six Feet Under, and Lizzie McGuire.
  • In 2006, he joined the cast of Heroes, playing Gabriel Gray, also known as serial killer, Sylar, until the show’s cancellation in 2010.
  • At the 2007 Comic-Con, it was officially announced that Zachary was cast as a young Spock in a reboot of the Star Trek film, which premiered in 2009.
  • Zachary went on to play the character again in Star Trek Into Darkness in 2012 and also in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.
  • He also has many other roles under his belt, such as Hitman: Agent 47, I Am Michael, and Snowden.

In the episode, Zachary explored his heritage and learned that his great-grandfather, P.J. McArdle might have had something to do with Spock’s famous saying.

He came across a letter that his great-grandfather penned in 1899, which read, “May it live long and prosper.”

Star Trek fans were familiar to the phrase as it’s nearly the exact words Spock recited in the movies, “Live long and prosper.”

Zachary called the discovery “insane,” especially given Spock’s character was created 67 years later.

It was later revealed on the show that the quote comes from Rip Van Winkle, which was a famous play during his great-grandfather’s lifetime.

Zachary’s next project is a new series on NBC, Brilliant Minds, which will premiere this fall.

Zachary was celebrating his birthday with friends

Zachary was celebrating his birthday with friends.
Credit: Instagram/zacharyquinto

Zachary is best known for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise

Zachary is best known for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise.
Credit: ©Paramount Pictures

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